Depiction of the Vitayes creme product

The Instant Ageback Promise

The Instant Ageback series of revitalizing creams, serums and moisturizers enables our customers to present outwardly the confidence and spirit they feel, no matter what age they are.

Our lab-developed and tested revolutionary formula (with Argireline) works in just minutes to produce visible results and a change that will take your breath away.

Argireline Technology

The non-toxic peptide, composed of 6 amino acids, moisturizes and relaxes the skin, visibly reducing wrinkles and giving skin a youthful sheen. Naturally irritation free, the formula promotes the body’s natural production of new collagen, which strengthens the surrounding tissue.

Already distributed across a wide network of pharmacies, beauty wholesalers and online stores, this product line has become an internet phenomenon, celebrated widely on social media and covered in traditional media as well.

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