FISS – Italian Snowscoot Federation

The FISS Group at an event

Snowscoot: The Newest Snow Sport

It is the last frontier of fun on the snow: a BMX without brakes equipped with monoski. The innovation of action sports. An evolution of traditional sports such as skiing.

Snowscoot is a downhill winter sport that was born in France in the early 90s. Today it is practiced in numerous ski resorts all over the world and mostly in France, Switzerland and Japan, where international competitions have been taking place since 1995.

The vehicle is made up of a BMX type frame, amortized and non-cushioned, a handlebar, two independent tables, a directional front and a rear carrier. Snowscoot is practiced standing and as for skiing it is turned from the front, facilitating visibility along the slopes and off-course.

Promoting and Advancing the Sport

The FISS is a membership organization that promotes the sport worldwide, sponsors events, and offers insurance policies that help ensure safe practice of the sport.

Offering all the guarantees of safety, handling and transportability, it is equated to skis and snowboards and therefore authorized for ski lifts and slopes also in Italy. The use of a safety strap (called Leash) that binds the vehicle to the user is mandatory. As for the other winter disciplines, the helmet is mandatory for children under 14 and recommended for everyone.

It is suitable for all ages starting from 3 years, both for professionals and amateurs, from super sportsmen to disabled people.

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