eeezy Wash

Depiction of the eezy wash product

Customizing Your Wash

A revolutionary, customizable instant liquid detergent prepared on site, when needed. This cutting-edge technology minimizes waste in all aspects from production, transport, warehousing and customer use.

The product achieves great customer satisfaction and directly meets a market need while solving a host of environmental challenges and moving toward a truly green solution to an everyday task. Our proven stain-removing technology addresses all kinds of stains from the everyday to the most stubborn. In addition, customers can choose from a variety of scents to suit their tastes, while still paying less than ordinary detergents.

A Revolution in Detergent Technology

With a machine distribution technology that allows the product to be dispensed and monitored in real time, the need for manual intervention is reduced. In addition, retailers enjoy the benefit of reduced shelf and warehouse space.

From retail, military and other remote-area clients and online customers, we have a broad user base with plenty of room for expansion compared to conventional laundry products.

Already successful, we are expanding our distribution channels and reaching new markets, spreading the solution across our broad network of partners throughout Europe and beyond.

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