Sergio d’Arpa


Sergio d’Arpa

St. Moritz, Switzerland

A digital entrepreneur since 1997, Sergio is an expert in blockchain technology, preventive healthcare and eHealth. He is the founder of Klinik Sankt Moritz AG and the Vice President of the Fibonacci Consortium. Among his projects: (a blog on eHealth), Second Opinion World Wide platform for Physicians only, the “Asclepius meets Prometheus” project, for doctors approaching telemedicine.

With a lifelong passion for managing data carefully while gathering valuable insights from it, Sergio brings an analytic presence to projects that he leads. He sees harnessing these insights as a critical component of modern business, and he looks for new ways to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to complex problems. He manages teams effectively and has wide-ranging entrepreneurial experience to draw upon.

· Blockchain

· eHealth

· Digital Entrepreneurship

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