Giancarlo Milone


Giancarlo Milone

Madrid, Spain

Giancarlo is a dynamic and proactive digital marketing professional and entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience. He is an expert in digital advertising and project planning, with extensive experience in digital campaigns management. He is also a highly skilled team leader with specialized ability to draw out the best in people. Working with many big companies present in Spain, such as Repsol, Viesgo, Huawei, Popular, Adecco and Peugeot, Giancarlo takes on new challenges with verve and commitment.

In addition to his marketing and leadership work, Giancarlo is also perceptive analyst and coordinator that searches out opportunities to maximize investments and increase efficiency. In the launch of new brands, he plays multiple roles as the situation requires.

· Digital Marketing

· Brand Management

· Budget (planning/analysis)

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